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In a nutshell, News Frames is collaborative media analysis. We work collaboratively on questions around the way in which news are framed, such as: Why and how are certain stories covered? What part does media bias play? What does it mean to write news with accuracy and objectivity?

With these questions in mind, we created the News Frames Platform, a collaborative online space that incorporates different data, tools methods and people aiming to understand the way in which stories are framed in media, identify possible biases in news coverage and in ourselves, and explore new and innovative models to produce more accurate and comprehensive content.

It is guided by analytical methods and informed by the bridge-building principle that characterizes Global Voices. Together, they open the opportunity for people to be  surprised both by data and by another’s insightful perspectives.

Some of the tools that we use are Media Cloud, Bias Detector, Zotero, Check, and Checklist. Some of the methods that we have created using these tools are Culture Shots, Credible News, Rising Frames, GV Mirror, and Frame-spotting.

Collaboration is a crucial component of our approach.

The NewsFrame team believes that while tools are extremely useful in many ways, they are not enough by themselves.  

The people behind them is what brings them to life, and we are certain that participation among people with different backgrounds, experiences, and areas of expertise can help us use the tools we have available in novel ways to understand how news coverage has worked so far, and to envision possible new ways to keep moving forward and continue to improve.

Contact us at  if you have questions or if you would live to get involved, we would love to hear from you!

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