Stories about Reflections

The Mess of Us, The Best of Us

We are messy. We don't fit into neat packages. We don't always agree. We don't come from the same backgrounds.

Sharing Turrón de Doña Pepa in Colombo

"...I had a wonderful feeling that I was sharing a little bit of my country with people from almost every corner of the world."

GV Summit 2017: That Fine Line Between Friendship and Companionship

  I don’t get anxious or disappointed in any way since I quit expecting anything. I get excited sometimes and curious most of the time. But when my name appeared...

GV Photo Essay and Music Mix: A Whole Range of Colors

In big groups, it is easy to get lost in the crowd, but with GV every person is as unique as their portrait.

Global Voices French: “What a therapy, GV!”

GV-French came back home with loads of images, emotions and reflections. Team members share some of them in GV collaborative approach to stay in the mood

A Diversity of Voices, A Unity of Values

"The global spirit of diversity of voices combined with a unity of values—this gives me hope that in years to come these values will form the core of every society...."

The World Should Be More Like Global Voices…

Would the world be better if it looked more like Global Voices? We think so!

For Those of Us Seeking Acceptance, Is Global Voices a Utopia?

The overarching trait we all share is acceptance. We see each others’ assets, differences, facets, stories and struggles and we work with them - not against them.

Why We Do What We Do: Confession of a GVer

There are many injustices happening every day across the world that prevent us from sleeping soundly. That's why we must keep on doing what we do as GVers.

Back from the Global Voices Summit With a New Reason to Learn a New Language

I have another reason to learn a new language: not to be able to speak it, but to be able to listen deeply.