Stories about #GV2017 Report

The Mapuche Language Finding New Trails Online: Just One Piece of the Puzzle

December 3, 2017

Presenter Simona Mayo is a Lingüistics Ph.D student at the University of Buenos Aires. Since 2010 she has worked with the Mapuche social organization “Kom kim mapudunguaiñ”, which is dedicated to the Mapudungun (Mapuche language) revitalization, teaching, and diffusion in Chile and Argentina. Eddie Avila explains that a key right...

Fake News is Old News

December 3, 2017

Taisa Sganzerla, Lusaphone editor for Global Voices, leads a panel titled “Fake News is Old News” with the story of a Brazilian cartoonist from a century ago who was continually accused of defamation and blasphemy for lampooning the monarchy, the church and other institutions of the time. She wonders whether...

Voices on Sex, Rights and Violence from South Asia

December 2, 2017

The session on “Sex, Rights and Violence” in South Asia presented the results of the research on the issues related to sexuality online from India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The discussions ranged from the ways gender and sexual rights advocates use the internet to fight oppression, to how the authorities...