Summit News

The World Should Be More Like Global Voices…

Would the world be better if it looked more like Global Voices? We think so!

Voices on Sex, Rights and Violence From South Asia

Can we use social media to pressure governments to wake up and take issues of sexual violence online more seriously? 

For Those of Us Seeking Acceptance, Is Global Voices a Utopia?

The overarching trait we all share is acceptance. We see each others’ assets, differences, facets, stories and struggles and we work with them - not against them.

Why We Do What We Do: Confession of a GVer

There are many injustices happening every day across the world that prevent us from sleeping soundly. That's why we must keep on doing what we do as GVers.

Back from the Global Voices Summit With a New Reason to Learn a New Language

I have another reason to learn a new language: not to be able to speak it, but to be able to listen deeply.

We Are Family, We Are Global Voices

There were twenty of us gathered in Colombo, Sri Lanka; a mishmash of various languages, cultural viewpoints, varying professions, with one thing in common: we were Global Voices.

Video for Change: Community-Based Storytelling as a Tool for Resistance

We are human rights organizations using a tool to further our goals...In that game we are not the only players; the players are those who suffer...

Who Decides Which Languages Are Used on the Web?

We've overcome technical challenges in the past -- we can continue the fight for a multilingual space where everyone is represented and everyone has a voice.

The Mapuche Language Finding New Trails Online: Just One Piece of the Puzzle

Presenter Simona Mayo is a Lingüistics Ph.D student at the University of Buenos Aires. Since 2010 she has worked with the Mapuche social organization “Kom kim mapudunguaiñ”, which is dedicated...

How Conflict Shapes Storytelling and Storytellers

The first victim in conflict is often the truth. How do online storytellers uncover the human stories?