Summit News

December 3, 2017

The Mapuche Language Finding New Trails Online: Just One Piece of the Puzzle

Presenter Simona Mayo is a Lingüistics Ph.D student at the University of Buenos Aires. Since 2010 she has worked with the Mapuche social organization “Kom kim mapudunguaiñ”, which is dedicated...

How Conflict Shapes Storytelling and Storytellers

The first victim in conflict is often the truth. How do online storytellers uncover the human stories?

Fake News is Old News

Taisa Sganzerla, Lusaphone editor for Global Voices, leads a panel titled “Fake News is Old News” with the story of a Brazilian cartoonist from a century ago who was continually...

December 2, 2017

Voices on Sex, Rights and Violence from South Asia

The session on “Sex, Rights and Violence” in South Asia presented the results of the research on the issues related to sexuality online from India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The...

Threatened Voices: A Database for Documenting Threats to Online Speech

"All of these people were working to tell stories, defend human rights, and hold power to account."

Newsframes Software Workshop

In a nutshell, News Frames is collaborative media analysis. We work collaboratively on questions around the way in which news are framed, such as: Why and how are certain stories...

An Introduction to Global Voices Summit 2017

Every two years, the Global Voices community assembles somewhere in the world to have three kinds of conversations. We catch up with each other as individuals and friends, sharing wedding...

Creating Enduring Spaces for Freedom of Expression After Conflict

Eran Wickramaratne, Sri Lankan State Minister of Finance, and Aunohita Mojumdar, Editor of Himal Southasian, will discuss freedom of expression in post-war Sri Lanka and South Asia, confronting the past,...

The Future of Digital Conversations in Sri Lanka

The Global Voices Summit kickstarted with one of the crucial conversations around internet, censorship, fake news and campaigns of disinformation in Sri Lanka and was moderated by GroundViews, a citizen...

December 1, 2017

Floating Space Theatre Co. presents ‘rite | now’ at Global Voices Summit

A multi-layered dialogue with the online space, Floating Space Theatre Co. presents ‘rite | now’ – a site-responsive sound installation and durational immersive experience that evolves over a two-day period.